How We Can Help

Jesus said…”If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” … LOVE THESE NEXT WORDS! … “Then neither do I condemn you,” “Go now and leave your life of sin.” John 8: 7-11

Do you feel as if you are being condemned by a past abortion? Maybe you are the one condemning yourself? Then let these precious words from Jesus resonate in your heart: He loves you and wants you to walk in forgiveness.

“Forgiven and Set-Free”

“This Bible study was formed out of a personal desire to see women freed from the bondage of guilt and grief that follows an abortion. Not all women are affected in the same manner. I realize there are women who seemingly have no regrets about choosing abortion and who have no apparent signs of physical or psychological side effects. This Bible study was prepared for the women who have experienced some degree of remorse or regret.”
– Linda Cochrane

How long will it take?

Each person is different. Normally the individual will meet with the Abortion Recovery Leader once a week for approximately 10 weeks. However, dependent upon the individual, it may require less time.

A Sound Recovery client that finished the study, wrote the following poem:

You started as a small creation
Fearfully and wonderfully made
And me in my own doubt and fearfulness
Tried to take that away

But The Lord who holds you now
Knew the great plans he had for you
And He knew somehow to use them
In the plans He had for me too

I never saw you walk, kissed your face,
Or tickled your feet
That’s okay because the Lord delights in you
Surely, your presence is sweet

There was a guilt I thought I’d always hold
Yet, faithfully He set it free
And one day when I get to come home,
I know you’ll be waiting for me