Confidential Help

Sound Recovery exists as a safe and confidential place for individuals who may be experiencing hurt following a past abortion decision. We are here to walk with you through this journey of healing.

Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic and Sound Recovery hold to a strict policy of confidentiality within the limits of civil law. Generally, Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic and Sound Recovery assures complete confidentiality is  sacred and protected; however, in order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, there are certain situations when the patient advocates will be compelled to either report, or ensure self-report of information. This includes:

  1. Child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of impaired persons.
  2. Plans or thoughts of suicide, homicide, or other acts that endanger you or others.
  3. Domestic violence that constitutes a threat of future harm. We will never make a report without giving you an opportunity to self-report. None of our staff will ever make a report without consulting a supervisor. We do not want protection of privacy to result in someone being seriously injured. Otherwise we maintain absolute silence.